The Nauta Foundation

The ‘Nauta Foundation’ – the complete and correct name is ‘Stichting Professor Doctor W.Th.Nauta Fonds’ – was founded in 1988, with means of the widow of the founder of the Department of Pharmacochemistry of the VU University (Amsterdam), professor Wijbe Th. Nauta, who had died in 1986. The curriculum vitae of Wijbe Nauta can be read here.

The objective of the foundation have been set as to
‘foster the advancement of the teaching and research within the discipline of chemistry, in particular pharmacochemistry and more precise in pharmacochemistry at the VU University.’
The foundation may give financial support to departments and persons working in the defined field, especially to students and Ph, D. students.

The foundation decided to install a biannual W.Th. Nauta award and has endowed the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry to select a prize-winner each second year and to present the award during a ceremony at a session of the (biannual) International Symposia on Medicinal Chemistry.
The criteria for the award are outstanding achievements in the field of medicinal chemistry and/or important contributions to improve the international contacts between medicinal chemists, e.g. by improving networks, organizing meetings or installing societies.
The first Nauta Award was presented in 1992 and since each second year an award was given. A complete list of winners is to be found on ‘Nauta Award’

The foundation has also initiated a ‘Nauta Chair’ at the department of medicinal chemistry at the VU University. At irregular intervals – mostly biannually – a renowned scientist in one of the subdisciplines contributing to the multi-interdisciplinary field of medicinal chemistry is appointed for a period of one week as ‘Nauta professor’ at the department in Amsterdam. The Nauta Professor will present a series of Nauta Lectures during that period and be available for consulting. Any scientists is allowed to participate in the activities of the Nauta Professor at no financial charge. A listing of all Nauta professors so far is shown on ‘Nauta Chair’

The foundation also finances an extraordinary chair at the department of Pharmacochemistry. At the chair scientists specializing in selected disciplines contributing to medicinal chemistry may be appointed.

The board of the Nauta Foundation:

  • prof. dr. H. Timmerman (chairman)
  • prof dr. G.W. Somsen (secretary)
  • dr. A. W. Nauta (treasurer)
  • prof. dr. R. Leurs